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GAURA Inc. is a high-concentration hydrogen water specialized company.

Company Profile
GAURA hydrogen water server changes the tap water to healthy water. Decreasing costs overwhelmingly compared to home water delivery .
Hydrogen water generator Hydrogen water server for home use Hydrogen water generator Hydrogen water server for home use
Asia Golden Star Enterprise Award 2017」の企業賞を受賞

No.1 in introduction track record in the Fitness industry and earnings !

  • Hydrogen water server main-unit can be rented for free at a fraction of sales.
  • We provide free of charge a mounting base and the filter.
  • It is also available for employees's health maintenance and aging care.
  • Subscribers can be use freely the hydrogen water server, and can also take home an exclusive pouch for longer conservation.
  • The costs of facilities are only for water and electricity fees. (Additional expenses for one month are about 700 yen)
  • The new model is a big differentiation from other stores.
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Why hydrogen water has been attracting attention.

Water rich in hydrogen elements.
It is attracting attention from various areas recently. Several studies have been carried all over the world before, because it has been published in over 500 papers.
Also a variety of research institutions are currently conducting further research and development.

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Tokyo Central Medical Clinic President Taro Shirakawa
※ Paper "Terminal cancer, do not give up until the end!" (PHP Research Institute)

1983 Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine.
1991 Study abroad at Oxford University School of Medicine.
1995 Respiratory Department lecturer at Oxford University School of Medicine Department.
1999 Assistant Professor at University of Wales School of Medicine, Graduate School of Experimental Medicine Department.
2000 Professor of Medicine at Kyoto University Graduate School.
2008 Opened a Universal Clinic at Isahaya city in Nagasaki Prefecture, and became Director .
2013 Established the Tokyo Central Medical Clinic, in Ginza Tokyo, and served as Chairman.

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The Inquiry form is here.